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Idea #5: LIGHT PERCEPTION affects the way we perceive colors, especially sunlight because it is the strongest; both direct and indirect. As the sun moves through the day, the colors on your walls, floors and furniture may appear to be different. I can not tell you how many times a client has called me and asked, "why is the paint on this wall different than that wall when it came out of the same can?" or "I do not remember picking out those color drapes." The reason is because the lighting in a given space is reflected differently on different walls at different angles. Shadows can cause this affect as well. For example, the picture of the staircase and wall from ceiling to floor on the left is painted the same color from top to bottom. Due to the angles and shadows and direction of the sunlight, each wall looks like it is a different color! The bottom looks beige and the top looks yellow. Light can be the mysterious deceiver. If you are able to fill the entire space with the exact same amount of light, only then can you see that all the paint color is the same.

In some cases being aware of this phenomenon is valuable. If you have a space that appears lighter and darker in certain areas, you can compensate for it. Of course, when it comes to light, it is not possible to ever account for all the tricks of nature.

Lighting can make such a difference in how you feel about your house, artificial light is also very important. I always say," You can not have too many lights!" If you can not afford to have recessed lighting installed, or it is not practical in a certain location, there are many new track lighting fixtures that can also do the trick. Remember, bright is beautiful and dimmer switches can set a mood when you want to. Do not forget to install them.

There are also many great ideas for large commercial and living spaces!

You would think this would be so much easier, however it is not!
​More faux pas' are actually made with large spaces simply because of that thinking. Here are some ideas for large spaces.


Idea #2: In a large master bedroom you have the opportunity to go for it. You want your boudoir to be romantic and inviting. Use warm darker paint tones and consider a complimentary wall or an accent wall of a darker shade. In one boudoir, for instance, the couple chose to go with a darker painted complimentary wall to their other yellow/green walls, and used their accent color in the bedding and drapes. The entire feel of the room became very romantic.

Idea #3: In a large space if you see one room from another, you do not want the colors to clash. This is true for any home or office. Keep your paint colors complimentary on your color spectrum. Remember, in a large living space it is important to use warm paint colors so that your home feels inviting.


Idea #1: Painting the ceiling a darker shade of the wall color gives your home or office (depending on the ceilings) an elegant look if you have high ceilings. It also creates a feeling of warmth. In your home you can carry this color throughout, even if you have other colors in different rooms on the walls as it creates continuity. Crown moldings are wonderful if the ceiling allows for it. Personally, I like large moldings in large spaces, both floor and ceiling. It keeps the feel of generous size, still maintaining warmth while also setting off the paint colors.

Another idea is to use Wainscot or a chair rail in a large office, bedroom or dining room to give that generous feel of the room while making it more inviting and interesting. You do want to keep them the same paint color as the moldings!

These Design Ideas Can be Used in All Living Spaces!

Most of all have fun with your home and paint colors!
Your home is your own personal canvas. Enjoy!

*Note: This is different for an ultra modern style home. However, you can warm it up using several hot accent colors: reds, yellows, the right royal blues and even black or orange. Accent walls work great to warm up a modern home, still keeping the style you love. (Remember: there really are no rules, it is what you love that counts ... especially when it comes to color.)

Idea #4: In a large home some people are now painting all their doors and moldings a different color than white! Depending on your furniture and what you like, I love this idea. You can choose a wood stain, or simply a color. They can always be painted back to white in the future if you change your mind. If you choose darker doors, I would suggest lighter paint color for the walls. It is all going to depend on the color you choose ... what is your favorite color?

Idea #5: A wonderful look for the bathrooms is textured walls or paints. Suede paint for example. If a particular bathroom has no windows and a lot of lights it really works. When people see this live, they want it in a small or large bath. Be sure to use the textured paint on the ceiling as well.

Side Notes: A) Exterior paint is of equal importance. I have not touched on it yet due to the many variables to consider. Your exterior paint can be a reflection of what is inside. You do not want to have a pink house with a warm traditional interior or a modern interior. With your warm traditional interior, depending on the association's requirements where you live, it is good to choose a gray, brown or beige tone, with a darker trim, or vice versa. With a modern home, you might want to choose a gray tone with white or dark gray trim. Other home styles are going to lend themselves to other colors, i.e. Spanish style, Cape Cod style, and so on. There are many other things to also consider: garage doors, front doors, windows, etc. I can help you with all these decisions as I have vast experience in these areas and can make them easy for you. B) In large homes use large furniture. If you moved to a large home from a smaller one and have a sofa you love, for instance, call the furniture recoverer! He/she can add a section to your sofa and you will never tell it did not come that way. It is amazing what a good furniture recoverer can do. Good sofas are very costly. I have encouraged people to add on 4 - 6' sections and move the sides. Amazing! C) Besides the couch, you want all your pieces to be large, like taking that small house and blowing up the furniture. That way, you do not have too much and it all looks in proportion and full. Leave your empty space for the walkways. Sometimes an area rug over a carpet will help warm it up while you are waiting to buy some large furniture. You can get nice temporary ones at Costco. D) If you have a large kitchen with a center island, to make it more interesting put a different style of granite on it for contrast. You can also stain the cabinets below a different color form the other cabinets in the kitchen. Do not go too dark. If you have dark cabinets, I recommend an old faux white look, if you have white cabinets, I recommend the same look with brown. The idea is to make the island top stand out. You do not see the cabinets below so making them a little more casual helps set off the new beautiful granite! If you have the space, elongate one side to make a seating area for two or more stools ... you will find this comes in so handy when you have guests, or for breakfast, or a fast dinner on the run.

Idea #4: If you have an older home and want to remodel on a budget there are many ways to go about it. First, do not be afraid to knock down walls. The "open plan" is always in and is not only modern but also a more efficient use of space. Be careful of wiring and plumbing. Get rid of that old carpet! Put in hardwood floors throughout the living and dining areas and you home will appear to increase in size. If you are handy you can even lay them yourself. Households with pets and small children I like to suggest high quality laminate because it looks like wood and can not be ruined. It also saves on the cost of refinishing every 3 - 5 years. It can be put in the bathrooms and kitchens as well. Also, if you are going with light colors on the walls, I would choose a medium to dark color wood for the floors for contrast and pop. When choosing new furniture, as a general rule, splurge on the sofa and dining room table, then try to get bargains and DIY (do it yourself ) on the other furniture, light fixtures and accessories. Now is the time to get creative! It is amazing what you can do with old light fixtures, cases and glasses with just a little paint and a few ideas! Open shelving adds storage and is up to date and attractive (and inexpensive) ... use that paint when you can, it is the most economical way to decorate.

Idea #1: The easiest and most economical way to update a room is with paint! It is good to paint about every 5 years. In a small space it is best to stick with the light tones. I usually do not usually recommend white. A good trick is to find a fabric that you love and use that as your "color palette."

Idea #2: If you are painting more than one room, use different complimentary tones in the color palette you have chosen. Another way to tie rooms together is to use a lighter or darker hue of the same color. This still separates the rooms, and ties them together.

Idea #3: With a small space, an accent wall can give the illusion of depth although there are always exceptions. Bring in your splashes of color with accent pillows and accessories. If you have room, repeat your accent colors three times in your space for a polished look. However, be careful if your space is very small.

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