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You are not alone! They seem to be few and far between, at least at any reasonable price. My suggestion is to make your own. With just few good artifical pieces, you will be amazed at what you can do. Firstly, when someone gives you a flower arrangement, ALWAYS SAVE THE VASE! The small ones, and the odd shaped ones, can especially come in handy when you want to make your own. You can use clear or green for any occasion and save your red ones for Christmas and/or Valentines Day. To the left are just three artifical pieces I picked up, some inexpensive pine cones from a bag, along with some inexpensive green garland. Of course, as a designer, you would think I have access to stores that sell at discount rates, however, your local craft stores have similar prices. There are no bargains on artificial flowers. In less than five minutes I put together this little arrangement that is sure to add more Christmas delight any where you put it! I am going to give it as a gift. The total price was $9.00. If you could even find one, it would probably cost you between $25.00 - $35.00. Because I had so few ingredients, I had to angle it all to the front, however, I did put pine cones on the back so it had a little something there as well.

For my larger centerpiece (below, and there is a close-up of just one side to the left), which was the original centerpiece I was searching for, one for my kitchen table, I used the main pieces I had. They are the same only my flower is a double and I also had some berries as well. To give the sides some "oomph", I cut off a sparkly gree leaf from each branch and put it in the bottom of the glass box as decoration. This centerpiece looks absolutely gorgeous on my kitchen table and only cost about $25.00! The photos do not do them justice. I priced centerpieces of this size and they were approximately $90.00 plus there were none for the holidays. It was the leftover items from this arrangement that inspired me to make the little one on the left. 

Back of Small Holiday Flower Arrangement

So my final calulations ... I spent $50.00 in the craft store and I still have four garlands left at $4.00 each.

I made these in a big hurry because I was pressed for time. Now I have two choices: I can either make them permanent and glue them together and they will keep about 3 - 5 years, OR, I can switch out the colors for each holiday and reuse them, and then use regular flowers for the rest of the year and keep them versatile. I am going to make that decision later.

Small Holiday Flower Arrangement

It is good to keep your decorations color coordinated. Gold is a popular base color, then add your second color of your choice; red, plaid, purple, blue, whatever you love. You can always add crystal and white to any setting as it depicts snow and of course poinsettias go with everything.

Just remember, whatever you put up, must come down, so get your decorations up the day after Thanksgiving so you can enjoy them for an entire month! Get plenty of pleasure from all your work.


This is a time when if you have a red accent wall will work to your advantage! 

You want to set your Christmas mood before you step in your front door. So outside lighting, no matter how little you use, even if it is just around your door, is important. Maybe a Santa or Reindeer on the lawn can add a little flavor to the outside as well. 

As soon as your guests walk in the door, you will want to display your most beautiful array of Christmas spirit. It is always nice if you can see your tree from the entryway, or even have your tree in the entryway. If you have a table there, that is a place where you can be creative and put your most beautiful collection of decorations to set your mood. Personally, I do not believe you can have too many large decorations, especially if they are placed high on top of furniture or hung, or out of the way, however, I do believe you can have too many small decorations covering every inch of every piece of furniture. I like inside lights as well, in fact, they really create drama during the holidays. When putting mini-lights around windows use white to get that winterly look. Save the colored lights for up the staircase and if you have an alcove. 

Holiday Decorating

Left Half of Large Holiday Flower Arrangement Close Up


Artificial Piece


Thanksgiving is a great holiday to decorate for not only because of the beautiful warm autumn colors, also because of it's meaning. Personally, I like to put up my Thanksgiving decorations at the same time as my Halloween decorations. I keep my Halloween decorations by the door for the Trick or Treater's, and spread my Thanksgiving decorations around the house. Unless you have tons of energy, I suggest keeping the Thanksgiving decorations to a minimum since Christmas is right around the corner. However, that being said, it is nice to have enough things out to remind us that Thanksgiving is coming. We do have an enitre month after Halloween. Depending on the size of your home, the best place to start is with a great dining table centerpiece. You might also want to decorate the fireplace mantle if you have one in a room that you use often. With that, and a "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Count Your Blessings" and maybe a fake turkey of some kind, you are done! On Thanksgiving Day you will have all that gorgeous, delicious food and no one is really going to notice the decorations.