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Of these three colors, the boldest is obviously Honeysuckle. If you decide to use it as a trendy color,k to change up your environment, I would definitely suggest keeping it on an accent wall, or use an experienced designer, such as myself, to help suggest the right place for it due to the fact that it is a very tricky color. The Citrus Fresh color is a fabulous wall color for the New Year or any time! The yellow in it will lift your spirits in any room and the green undertones subconsciously remind us of renewal and growth as well as being a relaxing color. Vintage Wine will always be a popular color, as well as different shades of it. Slowly, people have been discovering the purple and violets shades and Vintage Wine is a direct representation of that. Purple is now considered a neutral tone and I love it! I love purple in all it's shades and hues and love putting them all together when I get the opportunity. So we will be seeing a lot of smoky violet in bedrooms, family rooms, and any room that needs a nice cozy feel. ~Karen (Written, December)



Every year there are new trends in paint colors, however, the thing I have noticed is not only is the change very gradual, depending on your decorating and the style of your house, the paint trend does not really matter. None-the-less, I like to keep you updated. This year one of the new paint colors is a light airy color called Citrus Fresh; a yellow with a green undertone. It is new and light and I believe suits the New Year. Another color that is going to be very popular is Honeysuckle. It is exactly the color the name implies and it has been many years since Honeysuckle has been used. The other "color buzz" is Vintage Wine. This is a smoky violet which is a great neutral color.






If you have a bonus room that will be used for adults, lucky you! Here is a place where you can "make your own space." You can be bold and creative, or peaceful and tranquil.

Let's start with the former. I have been noticing that the trend in bonus rooms and basements is to get very bold and experience what you would not do in other areas of your home. The most interesting thing is painting bold strong colors on the ceiling and the walls. The process can be a little scary, however, the result is phenomenal. Picture this: dark red walls with a blueberry ceiling! The red with the blueberry kept this room the same tone and really was a good choice. Once that very difficult decision was made, which were this couple's favorite colors, lighter, more neutral furniture was purchased. Using the wall colors for accents in the pillows and accessories along with the other neutrals, it really made the furniture pop! Just the opposite of what we are all used to doing. We usually put our lighter colors on the walls, and bring in our stronger darker colors in our fabrics and furniture! This room was fabulous and turned out to be a great room both to relax and watch television as well as entertain guests with their built-in bar complete with sink. Red is the most vibrant color of all, can increase your energy and tends to inspire people to talk. On the other hand, since it was a deep red, not a Christmas red, when the lights are low, it doubles as a relaxing color. As you can see in this scenario, once again, paint is what makes the difference!

Now let us go to the latter space. In this fast paced world of ours, there is nothing better than to clear our minds of all our stresses, create a peaceful environment, meditate, stretch and simplify by relaxation. We can create our bonus room based on this premise. One way is to start with the spa colors; blue/green aqua reminiscent of water, light earth tones such as beige or tan reminiscent of sand or earth, and white for purity. Depending on the configuration of the room, use a tan on the walls with one large accent wall of aqua. Too much light blue/green can become boring. In this setting, it is a good idea to paint the ceiling white. Adding a large waterfall feature in a room like this would add an amazing focal point. If that is just not within your budget, you can hang a smaller one on a wall, and when you meditate or relax, get a CD with water sounds to add volume for your own enjoyment. After the walls are to your satisfaction, bring in comfortable wicker or rattan furniture with white cushions, an area rug if you have wood floors (which are the most popular and last the longest in style), and use natural material, such as wood or tweed, window coverings on any windows. Different natural materials are available as roman shades and are beautiful. Then you can use a delicate fabric for side panels, a few slightly darker accent colors (possibly lavender) in combinations on pillows and accessories. In this room I suggest adding a delicate flower arrangement as one of your accessories, or fresh flowers if you are into that. Now you have your peaceful space where you are ready to unwind, relax, meditate or read. (Written November)

Here are some dramatic examples of renovated basements:

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